What are the Best Career Path with a Computer Science Bachelor Degrees Online

Confused about what after a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science? Are you afraid of making the wrong career choices? Hence, being well-read and aware of the best career options after a bachelor’s degree in computer science is important.

Well, the main reason for having confusion in your career might have been the lack of guidance and assistance. This blog talks about the best job choices after your Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science Online, covering everything to know about careers!

Top Career Options after Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science

Here are the top career options after your bachelor’s degree in computer science online:

System Analyst

The position of a system analyst is something that is more demand in every organization. This is also one of the first and impactful job roles offered to students with a bachelor’s degree in computer science online. By signing up for this position, you will be required to take control of the information system and get it monitored regularly.

Job role:

☆ Here’s what needs to be done from your end as a system analyst:

☆ Must have required knowledge of the trending technologies used.

☆ Must be adapted to the organization’s changing needs.

☆ Should adhere to the research formats used by the firms.

☆ Must be able to deliver well-researched and analyzed reports on issues.

☆ Should know the best ways of taking risks mitigated.

PayScale: The average pay scale of a system analyst (fresher)would come up to $71786 based on their performance and adaptability.

Web Developer

As a web developer, you’d be responsible for the working of the websites. Similarly, you’d also be working closely with the design, application, and product teams by getting their inputs inculcated. In simpler terms, you’d be responsible for the smooth working, running, and management of the website and its applications.

Job role:

☆ As a web developer, you’d be asked to do the following activities as a part of your job:

☆ Have a clear idea of the programs to be used for each type of website.

☆ Getting the website tested at regular intervals to avoid bugs.

☆ Debugging the website to ensure the website’s smooth functioning.

☆ Keeping the client or organization updated with the progress of the website.

☆ Smooth management of all databases and integrations.

PayScale: The pay scale of an average beginner web developer is assumed to be $13105 to $18347.

Software Developer

This is one of the most popularly heard career options after a bachelors degree in computer science online that helps you earn fame and remuneration that’s expected. Apart from developing software for a particular firm, you can also be recognized as a part of the Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC), a major recognition for adding to the user’s credibility. SDLC happens in many phases wherein you’re expected to work with different categories of developers.

Job Description:

☆ Here’s what a software developer does at work:

☆ Creating codes according to the specifications of the website.

☆ Testing and implementation of software on different platforms.

☆ Rectification of errors in the software.

☆ Work based on the algorithms and flowcharts.

☆ Receiving necessary feedback and working on improvements.

Payscale: As a newbie software developer, you can get at least $131114 annually, and additional compensation can be fetched based on your capabilities.

Data Scientist

The job of a data scientist is a position to choose for after a bachelor’s degree in computer science online that is in much demand in the career market these days and helps you earn handsomely. The work done by a data scientist is to analyze the technologies by their creation and benefits and to get each technology connected to the right organization where there’d be more demand. Becoming a data scientist means having the quality of questioning and critical analysis of the data that has been shared with you.

Job role:

☆ Here are the job responsibilities of a data scientist in short:

☆ Discovery of trends and techniques in data patterns.

☆ Algorithm creation for each data set based on their analysis.

☆ Usage of Machine learning tactics and techniques in data production.

☆ Get ideas exchanged and communicated amongst the team members.

☆ Stay on top of data trends with continuous scientific research.

Data Analyst

There are chances of applicants getting confused between the jobs of data analyst and data scientist. While the job of a data scientist deals with more exploration, that of the data scientist deals with what is right and wrong about a piece of data, or what would’ve gone wrong in a piece of data. In short, if there is a plan for you to become a good data analyst after a computer science bachelor’s degree online, problem-solving skills are one of the main skills that you should possess.

Job role:

☆ Here’s what a data analyst usually does at work:

☆ Usage of tools at work for easy data extraction.

☆ Respond to data-related queries raised by clients.

☆ Getting a proper understanding of recent data trends.

☆ Setting up of data systems for their proper working.

☆ Producing and communicating the data trends with the non-data team.

Payscale: A fresher data analyst can earn up to $41000 to $75000 annually according to his skill set and learning capabilities.  

To Sum Up

There are umpteen career options after a bachelor’s degree in computer science online which offer the most demanded and fetch jobs with high packages. However, you’re required to do a comparative analysis and then choose the best.


1. What job is the best after a Bachelor’s in Computer Science Online?

Data science management, information management systems, web development, and database administration are the best jobs to do after a Bachelor in Computer Science.

2. What is the highest-paid job after a bachelor’s in Computer Science?

The highest-paid job after a bachelor in computer science is that of a data scientist.

3. Can you be a software developer after Bachelor in Computer Science?

Yes, in most cases a Bachelor is enough but it is wise to have a Master too.

4. Is Computer Science better than a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science Online?

Yes, with a wide array of subjects to learn from, a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science is a better choice.

5. What is the core job responsibility of a data analyst?

The core job responsibility of a data analyst is to quantify and analyze the data as per the inputs received.