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By Sharmila Bannu

Published on January 15, 2024

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An online computer science bachelors degree offers a virtual academic journey, delving into computational theories and methodologies. The curriculum is comprehensive, delving into a wide range of subjects such as programming paradigms, data abstraction, algorithmic complexity, cybersecurity protocols, and principles of software architecture. Through interactive digital platforms, students engage in practical coding exercises, algorithmic problem-solving, and collaborative projects. Graduates emerge with profound expertise in computer systems, equipped to tackle challenges in software development, and system analysis within the digital ecosystem.

What Is Bachelor Of Computer Science?

A Bachelor of Computer Science (BCS) program immerses students in computational theories, algorithmic complexities, and software engineering techniques. Its expansive curriculum encompasses diverse subjects including data structuring, programming languages, system architecture, and operational frameworks. Through rigorous coursework and hands-on projects, students hone their abilities in crafting efficient algorithms, developing scalable software solutions, and optimizing system performance. Furthermore, BCS programs explore specialized areas such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, and cryptographic methodologies, empowering graduates for impactful roles in software engineering, system analysis,  and pioneering research within the ever-evolving realm of computing.

Cheap Online Bachelors Degree In Computer Science

Cheap Online Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science Explore affordable pathways to a thorough education in computer science through online programs tailored to accommodate budget constraints. With flexible scheduling options, students can effectively balance studies with other commitments. Accessible resources, dedicated faculty support, and hands-on learning opportunities ensure readiness for diverse roles in the dynamic tech industry.

College NameTuition FeesGraduation Rate
Florida International University
11200 S. W. 8 Street, Miami, Florida 33199
Arizona State University Campus Immersion
University Drive and Mill Avenue, Tempe, Arizona 85287
University of Illinois Springfield
One University Plaza, Springfield, Illinois 62703
Fort Hays State University
600 Park St, Hays, Kansas 67601-4099
Western Governors University
4001 South 700 East Suite 700, Salt Lake City, Utah 84107
Franklin University
201 S Grant Ave, Columbus, Ohio 43215
Old Dominion University
5115 Hampton Blvd, Norfolk, Virginia 23529
Saint Cloud State University
720 Fourth Ave. South, Saint Cloud, Minnesota 56301
Lamar University
4400 MLK Blvd, Beaumont, Texas 77705
Eastern Oregon University
One University Blvd, La Grande, Oregon 97850
University of the People
595 E Colorado Blvd Suite 623, Pasadena, California 91101
Colorado Technical University-Colorado Springs
1575 Garden of the Gods Road, Suite 100, Colorado Springs, Colorado 80907
University of Maryland Global Campus
3501 University Blvd East, Adelphi, Maryland 20783
City University of Seattle
521 Wall Street, Suite 100, Seattle, Washington 98121

Source:Integrated Post Secondary Education Data System & University Data
***Tuition Fees Rates are for In-state and per year. Program specific rates may apply.
***NA – Data Not Available

Best Online Bachelor Degree In Computer Science

Discover the pinnacle of virtual education in computer science, with programs boasting comprehensive curricula, flexible schedules, and robust support systems. Prepare for a successful career in technology through extensive coursework covering programming languages, software development, algorithms, and data analysis. Choose from prestigious institutions known for their commitment to online excellence, offering a rewarding educational journey and abundant opportunities for professional growth.

College NameTuition Fees (Note:Fees are subject to change)(annually)Graduation Rate
Indiana University-Bloomington
2805 E 10th St, Suite 150, Bloomington, IN 47408
Oregon State University
1500 SW Jefferson Avenue, Corvallis, Oregon 97331
Regis University
3333 Regis Blvd, Denver, Colorado 80221
Maryville University of Saint Louis
650 Maryville University Drive, Saint Louis, Missouri 63141
Norwich University
158 Harmon Drive, Northfield, Vermont 05663
Regent University
1000 Regent University Dr, Virginia Beach, Virginia 23464
Concordia University-Saint Paul
1282 Concordia Ave, Saint Paul, Minnesota 55104
Davenport University
6191 Kraft Avenue S.E., Grand Rapids, Michigan 49512
Southern New Hampshire University
2500 North River Road Manchester, NH 03106

Source:Integrated Post Secondary Education Data System & University Data
***Tuition Fees Rates are for In-state and per year. Program specific rates may apply.
***NA – Data Not Available

Why Get An Online Bachelors Degree In Computer Science?

Flexibility: Study on schedule

Accessibility: Learn from anywhere

Pace: Progress at  own speed

Cost-Effective: Save on expenses

Career Opportunities: Open doors to various paths

Growing Demand: Abundant job prospects

Updated Curriculum: Stay relevant with industry trends

Networking: Connect with peers globally

Technological Integration: Embrace cutting-edge tools

Personalized Support: Get tailored assistance

How To Get Bachelors Degree In Computer Science

✶ Research and choose a four-year Computer Science program.

✶ Meet admission criteria and enroll in the program.

✶ Study core math and computer science topics.

✶ Select elective courses aligned with interests.

✶ Gain practical experience through projects, labs, and internships.

✶ Maintain satisfactory grades throughout the program.

✶ Complete final projects or theses as required.

✶ Prepare for and pass exams.

✶ Stay focused and progress steadily through the program.

✶ Graduate upon fulfilling all requirements.

Admission Procedure for Online Computer Science Bachelors Degree

✶ The admission process for an online computer science bachelors degree typically comprises these steps:

 ✶ Discover online Bachelor’s programs in computer science.

 ✶ Apply online, following instructions carefully.

 ✶ Provide academic transcripts and test scores.

 ✶ Create a tailored statement detailing your aspirations.

 ✶ Request recommendations from suitable sources.

 ✶ Pay any required application fees.

 ✶ Track the application’s status.

 ✶ Finalize enrollment upon acceptance notification.

How Certificates Will Be Issued:

 ✶ Certificates for online computer science bachelor’s degrees are typically issued electronically.

 ✶ Upon fulfilling program requirements, the institution assesses eligibility.

 ✶ The certificate is then issued digitally through a secure online platform or via email.

 ✶ It acts as formal confirmation of successfully finishing the degree program.

 ✶ Additionally, an official transcript detailing academic performance may also be provided.

Bachelor Of Science In Computer Science Requirements

For admission to an online Bachelor of Science in Computer Science program, typically need:

Educational Background:

High School Diploma: It needs to have completed high school or obtained an equivalent qualification.

Academic Prerequisites:

Specific Courses: Some programs may require prerequisite courses in math or computer science.

Minimum GPA:

Academic Performance: Meeting a minimum GPA requirement set by the institution is necessary.

Standardized Tests:

Test Scores: Some programs may ask for SAT or ACT scores.

Application Process:

Online Form: Complete and submit an application form on the institution’s website.

Application Fees:

Financial Aspect: Be prepared to pay any application fees the institution requires.

Supporting Documents:

Letters and Statements: Provide letters of recommendation and a personal statement.

Cost Of Bachelors Degree In Computer Science

The price of pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science can vary primarily based on factors including the kind of organization and whether this system is online or individual. Generally, students can assume to spend between $25,138 to $77,000  in step with the year for full-time enrollment, covering tuition, charges, books, and substances. It’s essential to bear in mind different prices too, like housing, meals, transportation, and private items. It’s important to thoroughly research and examine charges to make sure select a program fits into the price range and meets wishes.

How Long Is A Bachelors Degree In Computer Science

Experts endorse that it commonly takes around four years to complete a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. However, this may vary depending on elements just as the pupil’s route load, switch credit, or participation in accelerated programs. Some students may additionally opt for part-time enrollment, which could increase the length of their degree. Additionally, extended applications offered by using certain establishments can permit college students to graduate in approximately 3 years by taking on more coursework each semester or at some stage in summer season classes. Ultimately, the time it takes to finish the degree relies upon personal circumstances and the options available to every pupil, as specialists within the area have talked about.

Find The Most Appropriate Online Computer Science Bachelor Program For You

Choosing the Right Online Bachelor’s Program in Computer Science

Accreditation Assurance: Prioritize institutions accredited by means of identifying our bodies to ensure program nice and destiny instructional possibilities.

Curriculum Evaluation: Assess this system’s curriculum to make certain alignment with the career goals and interests within computer science.

Faculty Expertise: Research faculty qualifications and enterprise experience to ensure effective training and mentorship.

Learning Platform Assessment: Evaluate the net mastering platform’s usability, accessibility, and technical guide for smooth learning enjoyment.

Flexibility Consideration: Look for packages imparting bendy scheduling options to deal with work or family commitments.

Cost Analysis: Compare training fees, financial resource options, and extra fees to decide affordability.

Support Services Availability: Investigate the availability of educational advising, career counseling, and pupil assist offerings for steering and help.

Reputation Research: Research the college’s popularity, which includes scholar opinions and alumni fulfillment, to gauge application effectiveness and credibility.

Accredited Online Computer Science Degree

The Importance of Accreditation for Online Computer Science Degrees

Accreditation holds large importance in declaring the greatness and legitimacy of online Computer Science degree packages. Here’s why accreditation subjects:

Assurance of Quality: Accreditation serves as a guarantee that this system upholds rigorous standards in its curriculum, college know-how, and scholar-help offerings.

Recognition via using Employers: Employers especially price candidates with levels from general establishments, because it assures them of the great education acquired.

Smooth Credit Transfer: Accredited packages facilitate seamless credit score transfer, allowing students to pursue additional training or transfer to exclusive establishments without hassle.

Access to Financial Aid: Accreditation is usually a prerequisite for eligibility for federal financial resource applications, supplying important financial guidance to college students.

Gateway to Graduate Studies: Accredited tiers beautify opportunities for admission into graduate schools and expert applications, opening doors to advanced educational opportunities.

Professional Validation: Accreditation ensures that graduates meet organization requirements, making them eligible for expert licensure or certification in their chosen problem.

In essence, accreditation underscores the notable and credibility of online Computer Science diploma programs, presenting assurance to college students, employers, and educational institutions alike.

Difference Between Bachelor Of Computer Science And Engineering

The distinction between a Bachelor of Computer Science and a Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science primarily rests in their core focuses and approaches:

AspectBachelor of Computer Science Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science
FocusPrioritizes theoretical frameworks, algorithms, software development, and computer systemsApplies engineering principles to design, develop, and implement computer systems
CurriculumEncompasses a wide array, including programming languages, data structures, algorithms, artificial intelligence, and software engineeringIntegrates computer science with engineering concepts like circuit design, electronics, computer architecture, and systems engineering
Professional FocusTrains for roles such as software developers, programmers, systems analysts, and IT consultantsPrepares for careers as computer engineers, systems architects, and embedded systems designers
AccreditationGains accreditation from computing accreditation commissions or agenciesEarns accreditation from engineering accreditation boards or agencies

In essence, whilst both stages offer a strong basis in laptop science, the Bachelor of Computer Science diploma leans towards theoretical and software program-orientated elements, while the Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science carries engineering ideas to offer comprehensive know-how of hardware and software program systems.

Curriculum For An Online Computer Science Bachelors Degree

Foundational Concepts: Programming fundamentals and computer technological know-how fundamentals.

Mathematical Underpinnings: Build a robust mathematical basis with publications in discrete arithmetic, calculus, and linear algebra.

Core Studies: Explore critical areas like machine structure, running structures, software program engineering, and database structures.

Specialized Tracks: Tailor the education with electives in artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, internet improvement, and more.

Practical Application: Engage in arms-on tasks and capstone reports to clear up actual global challenges.

Industry Exposure: Gain valuable revel in through internships or cooperative schooling programs.

Scholarship for Online Computer Science Bachelors Degree

WGU Bachelor of Science Computer Science Scholarship

Amount: Up to $2,500

WGU offers this scholarship to new college students pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. The scholarship is provided primarily based on instructional readiness and financial needs. Students have to meet eligibility criteria and submit an application to be taken into consideration.

Edison Scholars Program

Amount: Up to $1700

The Edison Scholars Program supports high school seniors planning to pursue STEM stages, along with computer science, at four-year permitted colleges or universities. The scholarship is open to college students in Southern California Edison’s service territory.

ACM-W Scholarships for Women Studying Information Security

Amount: $600

ACM-W gives scholarships to help women pursuing undergraduate ranges in computer technology or associated fields, which include records protection. The scholarship is awarded primarily based on academic benefit and economic need. Recipients additionally acquire complimentary registration to one ACM conference.

Generation Google Scholarship

Amount: $10,000

The Generation Google Scholarship is for undergraduate college students pursuing computer science or related degrees. It aims to support underrepresented college students in the subject and consists of a retreat at a Google office. Additionally, recipients might also receive a Google internship opportunity.

Amazon Future Engineer Scholarship

Amount: $10,000/year

This scholarship supports undergraduate students pursuing degrees in computer science or related fields. Candidates additionally get hold of a paid summer internship at Amazon after their freshman year of college.

Blacks at Microsoft Scholarships

Amount: $5000/year

The Blacks at Microsoft (BAM) scholarships are awarded to high school seniors who are making plans to pursue bachelor’s degrees in computer science or associated fields.

Job Opportunities For Bachelor Of Computer Science Online

A Bachelor’s in Computer Science online opens doors to diverse jobs like:

Software DeveloperDevelops software applications for businesses.
Web DeveloperCreates websites and web applications.
Data AnalystAnalyzes and interprets data insights.
Systems AnalystImproves and optimizes computer systems.
Network EngineerDesigns and manages computer networks.
Cybersecurity AnalystProtects against cyber threats.
Database AdministratorManages and maintains databases securely.
IT Project ManagerOversees and manages IT projects.
QA Analyst/EngineerTests software for quality assurance.
Computer Systems AnalystAnalyzes and optimizes computer systems.

What Is The Salary For Online Bachelors Degree in Computer Science?

Software Developer$124,200
Web Developer$80,720
Database Administrator$112,120
Computer Systems Analyst$102,240
Information Security Analyst$112,000

These figures are median salaries and can vary. Additionally, gaining certifications, additional skills, and experience can positively impact salary potential. It’s recommended to check the most recent data from reliable sources like the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics or industry reports for the latest information.

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Are there a fastest way to get a computer science degree?

Yes, there are several ways to expedite the procedure of earning a computer science degree. Accelerated applications, transfer credit, and online getting-to-know options can assist students in completing their degree quickly. Additionally, prior experience or prior getting-to-know assessment (PLA) can lessen the number of required guides.

Are online computer science degrees worth it?

Yes, online computer science degree know-how stages can be treasured, providing flexibility and getting entry to quality training. However, their worth relies upon factors together with application accreditation and curriculum. Prospective students ought to study establishments and applications carefully to ensure alignment with their professional goals.

What is the average cost of a computer science degree?

Residency status and institution type significantly influence the cost of a computer science degree. In-state students generally incur an annual expense of $11,560, contrasting with out-of-state students who face roughly $27,320 per year.

What is computer science bs?

A Computer Science BS is an undergraduate program delving into computer systems, programming, algorithms, and software development. It equips students for careers spanning software engineering, cybersecurity, data science, web development, artificial intelligence, and computer systems analysis.

What can you do with a computer science bachelor’s degree?

A Computer Science Bachelor’s degree opens doors to various careers in technology, including roles such as software developer, data analyst, cybersecurity analyst, and IT project manager, across diverse industries like finance, healthcare, and government.

What technical requirements are needed for an online computer science program?

To thrive in an online computer science program, know-how software, secure a strong internet connection, and equip yourself with a laptop or computer owning sufficient processing abilities. Moreover, affirm compatibility with this system’s detailed software equipment and packages to streamline your learning revel in.

What is accelerated bachelor’s degree computer science online?

An accelerated online Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science compresses the usual four year curriculum right into a shorter time frame, presenting in-depth coursework and possibilities for credit score switch, enabling students to graduate faster. These programs prioritize efficiency, allowing students to finish their diploma necessities in a condensed timeline through intensive look at and credit score transfer alternatives.

Is there a difference between an online and on-campus computer science bachelor’s degree?

Differentiating between online and on-campus Bachelor’s degrees in Computer Science lies in their unique learning environments: online programs prioritize flexibility and remote accessibility, while on-campus programs foster face-to-face interaction and access to campus resources. The decision hinges on individual preferences and lifestyles, catering to diverse learning styles and needs.

What are the career opportunities for graduates with an online computer science bachelor’s degree?

Online computer science Bachelor’s degree graduates liberate a spectrum of career paths, spanning software program improvement, cybersecurity, statistics analysis, IT challenge management, and past, across numerous industries. Their expertise extends to roles like software program developer, web developer, network engineer, and cybersecurity analyst, fostering innovation in technology-driven fields.

How many credits for a bachelor’s degree in computer science

Bachelor’s programs in Computer Science commonly entail completing 120 to 180 credits, contingent upon the program and school. Each credit embodies roughly 15 hours of student engagement, encompassing class interactions, assignments, and self-directed study. Aspirants should meticulously review the specific credit prerequisites of their selected program to ensure they fulfill graduation criteria.